How to Hack a Self-Timer into Instagram & Vine for No-Touch Video Recording on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2

With the introduction of Vine and the subsequent Instagram update, abbreviated video sharing has come to the masses, to be experimented with in an unprecedented way.

While both video-sharing apps have their own set of restrictions (length, size), it's never suffocating and actually makes you be more creative than you would with full length videos. That being said, one feature that I'm not particularly keen on is the recording process of both apps.

In order to record video, you have to press and hold down somewhere in the viewfinder (Vine) or press and hold the record button (Instagram). What that means is that you not only have to press and hold on the screen, but also have to keep the device in your hand at all times, making it difficult to record selfies or other vids starring you.

How to Record Instagram & Vine Videos with No Hands

With this softModder tutorial, I'm going to show you how to record a Vine or Instagram video without having to use your hands, by hacking a self-timer feature into both apps.

This softMod Requires Root

In order to make this work, like most of the great softMods, you'll need to be rooted, so check out our complete softModder guide using ODIN for Windows. Also, make sure to back up your device, just in case.

Step 1: Download & Install RepetiTouch

For this hack, we'll be using RepetiTouch Free by Erwin Goslawski in the Google Play Store. With this app, you can record touch events and then replay them, which effectively gives you the capabilities of adding a self-timer to both Vine and Instagram so you can record videos without touching and holding the screen.

You could also use other automation bots, like one we've covered before called Android Bot Maker, but the process would be entirely too complicated for just wanting a self-timer recording feature.

Step 2: Get RepetiTouch Ready

After you install RepetiTouch, open it so you can press Start at the bottom the screen. Once you do that, you'll be taken out of the app and you'll see a small panel appear on the right side of the screen, which houses the moving, menu, play/stop, and record/stop buttons.

Step 3: Set Up Your Self-Timer

Now that you have the side panel up and working, feel free to go into either Vine or Instagram to set up your self-timer. Check out the two similar instructions below for each app.

How to Record Instagram Videos Without Holding the Button

Head to the video recording feature in Instagram. Once there, tap on the red record circle in the small panel and record any Instagram video (this one will be deleted). If you want a whole 15 seconds video, record until the blue line reaches the end, then press stop.

To make the self-timer, leave a gap in-between the time you press record on the panel and press record on Instagram. This way, you can set up your device and run into view if you're recording by yourself.

Once this finishes, go back to the side panel and tap on the grey square to stop the recording. Delete the video you just recorded.

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Now, set up the camera in the position you want to record your actual video in. Press the play button in the side panel, and this will replay your touch action and begin the recording process.

How to Record Vine Videos Without Touching the Screen

Just like with Instagram, head over to the capture screen for Vine. Once you're there, tap on the red record button on the side panel and record any video by tapping anywhere on the viewfinder, until the green bar at the top reaches the end (for a full video).

Again, if you want a self-timer, leave a gap in-between the time you press record on the panel and press record on Vine. This way, you can set up your device and run into view if you're recording by yourself.

Once done, press the grey square block in the side panel to stop recording, then delete the video.

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Now, set up your camera for your real video and press the green play button on the side panel to start recording.

Get creative, upload the video, and watch as everyone asks how you recorded a video without hands.

Free vs. Pro Features of RepetiTouch

For our mission, the free version does enough. There's no multi-touch recording, but we don't need that for Instagram of Vine. You're also limited to 60 seconds of recording, which again, we don't need.

RepetiTouch Pro (currently $3.49) lets you record multi-touches and ups your recording time, but it also lets you move the sidebar menu, hide the panel while replaying, create loops, and other cool features. So, if you want to create a time-lapse video on Vine or Instagram, the pro version may be your thing.

Mission Complete

Let us know how you liked it and if you found any other ways to implement touch recordings with RepetiTouch. Are there certain games where it comes in handy? Maybe text messaging?

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